Items listed below, are items that has none or very little information. If you have information about some of the items, please send it to me or post the information in the forums

Items with short or no text
Micronik Flickerfixers & Scandoublers Scandy 1200
ECR Electronica Genlocks Videogenlock Mk-II
JLC Business Systems SuperPic
Peter Biet Computer Digi-Gen II
Rendale Cleo
VidTech International VMaster
Golddisk Graphics (non RTG) & Video Cards Director
ICD IDE Controllers Novia
ASG (Applied System Group) I/O Cards Amiox
Kato Developments Twister
Commodore Keyboards & Adapters A1200 Keyboard
DKB Kickstart Expansions & Switchers Multistart II
FSE (Freyer & Siegel Elektronik) KK1200
Micronik A2000 Kickstart Switcher
Unknown Utilities Unlimited Kickstart Switcher
WAW Electronik CD Kick
Datel MIDI Devices MIDIMaster
HK Computer Professional MIDI
Golden Image Misc Hardware Brushmouse
Microvitec Monitors GPM 1701
Phillips CM8802
Aegis Samplers Audiomaster III
Creative Sound System
Hotronics Time Base Correctors AP41
Novamate Novamate TBC
Silent Paws Amiga Models & Clones PAWS 4000
C'T A2000 Accelerators PAK/2
A500 Accelerators PAK/2
Datel Digtizers & Framegrabbers Video Digitizer
Toolbox Design Grabberboy
Peter Biet Computer Genlocks Brolock
Village Tronic Graphics (non RTG) & Video Cards Pablo
YCP (Y/C Plus) Voyager
Alfa Data IDE Controllers Alfa Quatro Buffered IDE
Unitech Electronics Kickstart Expansions & Switchers Kickboard
Datel MIDI Devices MicroMIDI
Alfa Data Misc Hardware Pen Mouse
Microvitec Monitors M1738
Epson Scanners GT 6500
MAST SCSI Controllers Fireball Junior
Electronic Design Genlocks CompuVid
Commodore Monitors 1902
Kupke Kickstart Expansions & Switchers Kickstart Switcher (kupke)
Eyetech Tower Kits EZ-Tower Mk-II
GVP (Great Valley Products) Time Base Correctors Digital Comb Filter Module
Akron Misc Hardware A-Time
Byte by Byte RAM Expansions Byte Box
Sunnyline Misc Hardware Penmouse (sunnyline)
Micronik Realtime Clock for Clockport
Switchsoft Robot Arm
Pacific Peripherals SCSI Controllers SE 2000
C-Ltd (Cardco Ltd) Escort SCSI
Anakin Research RAM Expansions Starboat II
Delta RAM
SCSI Controllers Stardrive
Spirit Technology RAM Expansions SIN500
SCSI Controllers HDA 506
Edotronik Misc Hardware PIC Prototyping Card
16 Channel ADC
VMEbus Controller
DSP96000 Realtime Data Aquisition
IVS (Interactive Video Systems) RAM Expansions Meta-4
SunRize Industries Sound Cards DD512
Beeline Samplers Stereo Sampler (beeline)
Collion Computertechnik Kickstart Expansions & Switchers Kickswitcher (collion)
REX Datentechnik Kickstartumschalter 9233
Cabletronic RAM Expansions ESP 287 - Clock
Adept Development Samplers Real-time sound processor
Commodore Custom Chips ROM Upgrade kit AS215
Power Computing Kickstart Expansions & Switchers ROM Switcher
Unknown Mystery Corner Unknown kickstart switcher
NewPrint RAM Expansions Ram expansion
Unknown 11D410008D
3H design MicroRam
HDP Electronics Digtizers & Framegrabbers HDP Genlock Pro
Prima Misc Hardware M1201A Clock Extension
Comspec RAM Expansions ARM-1000
Unknown MiniMax
Peter Biet Computer Genlocks PAL-RGB multiprozessor
Commodore A1000 Accelerators A1000+ '040 prototype
Misc Hardware Diagnostics aid for A1000 - 314066-01
Diagnostics aid for A1000 - 314066-01
Diagnostics aid for A1000 - 314066-01
W.T.S. Electronics, UK RAM Expansions A500 Pro-RAM
Zydec AMRAM-X iss.2
Virgo A500 2.0mb memory expansion
MacroSystem (US & Germany) Misc Hardware Harddiskadapter
D.S.H Electronics Kickstart Expansions & Switchers Rom Switcher
FSE (Freyer & Siegel Elektronik) SCSI Controllers Boil 3 (advantage 3)
RBM Misc Hardware IDE splitter
Zydec RAM Expansions AMRAM-Z ISS. 1
Cybernetical Research & Production Digtizers & Framegrabbers Digitizing tablet