Connector: CPU Fast Slot (A2000)
Harms Computertechnik A500 Accelerators Professional 030 Plus (a2000 version)
Commodore A2000 Accelerators A2620
CSA (Computer Systems Associates) Magnum 40/4
Turbo Amiga CPU
DCE Blizzard 2060
Blizzard 2604
GVP (Great Valley Products) A2000 TekMagic 040/060
A3001 (A3050)
Combo/G-Force 68030
G-Force 030 Combo
G-Force 040 Combo
Impact 68030 Accelerator
Impact A3001
Tekmagic 060
Hardital Synthesis Over The Top
Super Big Bang
Harms Computertechnik Animate III
Professional 030 Plus (a2000 version)
Professional 3000
Phase 5 Blizzard 2040/ERC
Blizzard 2060
PPS (Progressive Peripherals & Software) 040 2000
Zeus 2040
Kupke Golem 030
Golem Turbo Board II
Ronin Research Hurricane 2000
Hurricane 2800
DKB Wildfire
IVS (Interactive Video Systems) Vector 2000
Rossmöller Handshake Mach 2
TTR Development Fusion Forty
BSC TurboMaster 3040
TurboMaster 3040S
TurboMaster 4050
TurboMaster 4050S
ACT Elektronik Vertriebs GmbH Apollo 2030 Turbo
Apollo 2040 Turbo
Apollo 2060 Turbo
Vortex Bridgeboards & Emulator Cards ATonce Classic
Commodore Misc Hardware Burn In Card
Ronin Research K-Card
Datel Action Replay (A2000 Version)
Action Replay Mk-II (A2000 Version)
Action Replay Mk-III (A2000 Version)
University of Lowell Amiga Parallel Imaging Coprocessor
Commodore RAM Expansions 1Mb RAM Expansion
Alcomp SCSI Controllers A2000 Hard Disk Interface