connects to: CPU Fast Slot (A2000)
Hi Res Version of front
- 2000 x 693, 237K
Hi Res Version of back
- 2000 x 710, 213K
Processor: 060@50Mhz
FPU: Internal
MMU: Internal
Max Ram: 128MB
Ram Type: 4 x 72pin SIMM sockets.

The DKB Wildfire is designed to plug into the CPU Fast Slot of the A2000 and is probably the most powerful accelerator ever released for the A2000. The DKB Wildfire contains a local PCI bus for attaching a custom PCI graphics card called the Inferno. It also contains a built in ethernet card (RJ45 10BaseT, optional 10Base2 adaptor) and a built in Fast SCSI-II controller with an internal 50pin SCSI connector and an external 50pin SCSI connector. The two black connectors on the rear of the card, are probably the local PCI slots for attaching things like the Inferno. This accelerator requires at least Amiga OS3.1 in order to work correctly.

- Local PCI bus transfers at up to 70MB/sec
- Ethernet transfers at up to 1MB/sec
- SCSI transfers at up to 10MB/sec
- 3 CHIP Flash ROM for driver updates.


Jumper On Off
JP101 Factory Testing Default
JP102 Pins 1 and 2
Enable FlashROM Writes
Pins 2 and 3
Disable FlashROM Writes
JP103 Default Factory Testing
JP104 70/80ns RAM 60ns RAM
JP201 Default Factory Testing
JP401 Default Factory Testing
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