Blizzard 2604
 connects to: CPU Fast Slot (A2000)

DUAL Processor:060@50Mhz and PPC604e@180Mhz or 200Mhz
FPU:Internal for both processors
MMU:Internal for both processors
Max Ram:128MB
Ram Type:4 x 72pin SIMM sockets.

An accelerator which was designed to plug into the CPU Fast Slot of the A2000. Unfortunately this card never got past the prototype stage and so it was never released to the public. Since Phase 5 went bust, DCE bought the rights to all their designs but it is unlikely that they will ever release this card. There exists PowerPC cards for other models of Amigas such as the Cyberstorm 604e PPC and the Blizzard 603e PPC. The idea is that the PowerPC can be used to run software which supports it, much faster than any 68k processor can, with the 68k providing compatibility with existing 68k Amiga software. There is a surprisingly large amount of PowerPC software for the Amiga, and even alternative PowerPC operating systems such as Linux which would run on this card (had it been released). The card also includes a SCSI-3 Ultrawide (68pin) controller and an expansion port for the Cybervision PPC graphics card.

This card wasn't released by Phase 5, even though they did design it. It may be released by DCE.