Amiga Parallel Imaging Coprocessor
 connects to: CPU Fast Slot (A2000)
The card probably connects to the CPU Fast Slot of the A2000, but this has not been confirmed. The card was designed for highspeed graphics operations, particularly related to processing. It can contain up to 7 PD7281 Image Pipelined Processors at 5 MIPS each with the image processors sharing the same memory as the CPU. The card was supplied with an ImPP assembler, run-time support libraries, and image processing libraries. The board can be programmed through the C run-time library or through the kernel imaging system. The card was probably intended for use under AMIX (Commodore Amiga UNIX) rather than AmigaOS, but this has not been confirmed.
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Updated: 4/17/2005 . Added: 4/17/2005