Note: The picture shows the card without many of the supporting chips, including FPU, Buster, Ramsey, DMAC and support PALs

FPU:68882 (PGA), (probably @25Mhz)
Max Ram:16MB
Ram Type:DRAM Chips with sockets.

The A2631 is basically an A3000 on a card designed to plug into the A2000's CPU Fast slot. Not only does it contain the usual electronics found on most accelerators but contains a newer Buster (Bus Controller), Ramsey and DMAC as well as a SCSI-II controller with 50pin internal connector and DB25 external connector. Unfortunately the A2631 never got past the prototype stage and so was never released to the public.

"This is the package based on the Amiga 2631 project. Most people don't even know such a thing existed, but here you have it. Some time after the Amiga 3000 had been shipping, we discovered that Commdore was still shipping many, many Amiga 2500/30 systems. Why? People liked the larger box, especially for Video Toaster applications. Given that the A2630 was relatively expensive and limited in memory, this just didn't seem right.

In answer to this, we made the Amiga 2631 that you see here. This was basically an Amiga 3000 on a card for the Amiga 2000, with 68030, Buster, RAMSEY, and the DMAC, and support for the full 16MB of fast memory (hey, that was quite a bit back in 1990). In typical Commodore-of-the-early-90s fashion, management got insane and didn't let us even finish the prototype, much less replace the A2630+A2091 with it." - Dave Haynie

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