Max Ram:32MB
Ram Type:8 x 30pin SIMM slots.

An accelerator for the A2000 which plugs into the CPU Fast slot. An optional SCSI-Controller is also available for this card. The memory isn't auto-configuring and so a small patch is required to make the system aware of the RAM. A Kickstart image is supplied on the software disks which can be programmed into the 2 x 128K EPROMs onboard the card, although the reason why this may desirable is not entirely clear. It doesn't appear to support Kickstart 3.0+ because of its size (512K). Also the 040 copyback cache is disabled and the expansion.library is stored in chip memory which leads to a performance decrease. Any 68040.library will be overwritten without asking during installation. The card can be disabled with a switch at the back.

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