Picture shows a Rev 2 version of the card
Picture of a Rev 2 card attached to the A2000 adaptor
Image of Atonce Front
- 720 x 608, 51K
Image of Atonce Back
- 714 x 612, 32K
Image of Atone Disks
- 739 x 764, 68K

Emulates: PC
Processor: AMD 286@8Mhz
RAM: Unknown
Graphics Emulation: CGA
Olivetti Graphics
Sound Emulation: PC speaker via Amiga's native audio.

Connects into the CPU slot of the A500, or providing you have the A2000 adaptor card you can also plug this unit into the CPU Fast slot of the A2000. This card may have problems with A500 motherboards which are older than Rev 6A. The card has printer support, serial support, support for various graphics modes as well as basic MS-DOS sound.

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