Mad Dog McRee
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Picture showing the case
Inside the case
The Roctec Genlock
A500 motherboard with genlock
Closeup of A500 motherboard
Closeup of A500 motherboard
Closeup of Connectors
Picture showing the ROM Card
Service manual - Rotec part
Laserdisc player
ROM board
Connector board
Laserdisc with Mad Dog
Laserdisc with Mad Dog
Mad Dog sleeve
Hi Res Version of the case
- 1248 x 1106, 105K
Hi Res Version of Genlock
- 1632 x 1224, 222K
Hi Res Version of Connectors
- 1418 x 930, 110K
Hi Res version, Gun
- 4608 x 2592, 4,024K
Hi Res version, Laserdisc player
- 4608 x 2592, 3,655K
Hi Res version, ROM board
- 4608 x 2592, 5,572K
Hi Res version, Connector board
- 4608 x 2592, 4,882K
Hi Res version, Board
- 4608 x 2592, 4,752K
Hi Res version, Cabling
- 4608 x 2592, 4,432K
Hi Res version, Mad Dog sleeve
- 2592 x 4608, 3,952K

Mad Dog McRee is an arcade machine based on the A500. It contains a special boot card plugged into the side expansion slot and an interface to connect the A500 to the control system. The unit also made use of a Light Gun and a Laserdisc player. The Mad Dog McRee contains a Roctec Genlock which is probably the RocGen Plus.

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