M-Tec 68020-i
 connects to: CPU Socket
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Processor: 020@14.32Mhz
FPU: Optional 68881 or 68882 (PGA or PLCC) at up to 50Mhz
MMU: None
Max Ram: Probably 4MB
Ram Type: 1 x 72 pin SIMM slot.

An accelerator which plugs into the CPU socket of the A500 and A2000. It probably works with the A1000 too, but his has not been confirmed*. The card requires an additional crystal if you intend to install an FPU, which allows the FPU to run at a clock speed independently from the processor. A 68000 can be installed onto the card as a fallback for old software that is incompatible. There have been problems reported when using this card with an A2091.

*it doesnt boot in 68020 mode, but if the jumper is set to 68000 mode it does boot (but chassis wont fit anymore)



Jumper Open Closed
1/4MB 4MB Installed 1MB Installed
Cache CPU Cache Enabled CPU Cache Disabled
68000/68k 020 Mode 68000 Mode
Autoconfig Do not AutoConfig memory, use the AddMem utility Autoconfig Memory
CIA Default Only close this jumper if your Amiga crashes when it's open.


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