Syncmaster 150MP
 connects to: DB15

Flat panel active matrix TFT
Viewable area: 304x228mm
Dot pitch: 0.297mm
Viewing angle: 70/70/60/60 (LRUD)
H Freq: 30-69KHz and 15KHz
V Freq: 56-85Hz and 50Hz
Max resolution: 1024x768@85Hz
Signal: separate, composite, sync-on-green, video
Dimensions (without stand) WHD: 382x380x57mm, 4.4Kg
Integrated speakers
2xRCA jacks
Stereo jack (3,5 diameter 0,5)
Stereo jack input
Headphone out
Video Inputs:
VGA, Coax, Composite, SVHS

The monitor also supports PiP and has a remote control

Available in PAL and NTSC models.

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