Box manual and card
Box front
Box back
Box and card
Rev 1.2 card
Rev 1.2 card
Rev 1.2 card
Rev 1.2 card
Rev 1.2 card
Rev 1.2 card
Flicker fixer front
Flicker fixer back
Driver disks
Rev 1.2N
Rev 1.2
Rev 1.2
Rev 1.2 rear
Hi Res version, Box front
- 800 x 589, 180K
Hi Res version, Box back
- 800 x 600, 146K
Hi Res Version, Rev 1.2N
- 1642 x 596, 146K
Hi Res Version, Rev 1.2 Rear
- 1974 x 834, 357K
Hi Res Version, backplate
- 1937 x 399, 128K
Image of Box Front
- 1701 x 819, 392K
Image of Box Rear
- 2033 x 984, 341K


Chipset(s) Cirrus Logic GD5446
Graphics Memory 4MB (45ns EDO)
8bit Support: Yes
16bit Support: Yes
24bit Support: Yes
Display Drivers  
CyberGraphX V2: No
CyberGraphX V3: Yes
CyberGraphX V4: Yes
Picasso 96: Yes
Other: No

The Picasso IV is a Zorro II and III auto-sensing graphics card. It has a pixel clock of 135Mhz (8bit), 85Mhz (16bit) and 85Mhz (24bit). It contains a built in 100Hz flicker fixer. If the Picasso IV is intended for use in an A2000, the flicker fixer can actually be "snapped" from the card and joined to it by a ribbon cable. This is because the A2000 does not have an inline video slot, like other models. It also contains a local PCI expansion bus, for which several add-on cards were made, such as the Paloma IV TV Card, the Pablo IV video encoder, and the Concierto sound card. A 3D module based around the VooDoo chipset, and a MPEG module were planned, but unfortunately were never released. The card also contains a 4-channel audio mixer, a CDROM input connector, a Flash ROM controller (for updating the firmware) and is endian agnostic.


Jumper Open Closed
1 4MB RAM Force 2MB RAM
2 Auto-Sensing Force Zorro II
3 Forced 24bit flickerfixer 24bit & 12bit auto-sensing flickerfixer
4 Sync on Green disabled Sync on Green Enabled
5 Changed AGA flicker timing Unchanged AGA flicker timing
6 Reserved, Default DO NOT CLOSE


Example Display Modes
Resolution Depth Frequency
1600 x 1280 8 51Hz
1280 x 1024 8 73Hz
1152 x 900 8 96Hz
1600 x 1280 16 64Hz
1280 x 1024 16 92Hz
1152 x 900 16 60Hz
1024 x 768 16 79Hz
1280 x 1024 24 92Hz
1152 x 900 24 60Hz
1024 x 768 24 79Hz


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