connects to: CD32 Rear Expansion Slot
Front, connections
PCB bottom
PCB top
Front, PCB
Dip switches
Hi Res version, PCB bottom
- 2592 x 1936, 1,966K
Hi Res version, PCB top
- 2592 x 1936, 3,186K
Hi Res version, Front, PCB
- 1127 x 845, 142K
Hi Res version, Screenshot
- 1127 x 845, 150K

It is a TOMS CD32 external floppy controller + video adaptor module. Actual proper name unknown.

The chips are 1 x GAL and 4 x 74 type chips...a few resistors and surface mount (probably capacitors).

The following is printed on the board "CD32flmon" "TOMS" "9606".

The sticker on the inside reads "TOMS Warszawa" "Zerwanie Uniewaznia" "Gwarancje" and what looks like "91 08 05".

The case is metal and the unit does work.

Contributors note "It is the ONLY one of these I have ever seen. I am sure there are more, but never seen more."*

* One for sale at Amibay in 2014 (


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