Item #55 from Takahasi Kasiko
 connects to: Zorro II
Front, unpopulated
Front, populated
Hi Res Version, Back
- 2302 x 949, 419K
Closeup, Front Right
- 2358 x 1737, 1,015K
Closeup, Front Left
- 2412 x 1605, 1,096K
Closeup, Back Right
- 2391 x 1557, 842K
Closeup, Back Left
- 2382 x 1746, 816K

A full length Zorro II which appears to provide SCSI facilities as well as additional RAM in the form of 8 x 30pin SIMMs. It probably supports a maximum of 8MB of RAM. The card is made by Cosmos Computing, but what is it called and what are the additional functions?

It has the following connectors:


  • External 25pin connector
  • Internal 50pin connector
  • Internal 26pin connector
  • Internal 34pin connector
  • Internal 10pin connector
  • Internal 6pin connector
  • Internal 2pin connector
  • Internal 3pin connector
  • DIP switch x4
  • 28pin ROM socket x3

Caution: The 26pin connector does not appear to be a floppy drive connector. A floppy cable was used and it burnt out.

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