CD32 Connection Kit
 connects to: Unknown
Extra cable
Hi Res version, Cable
- 1280 x 960, 143K
Hi Res version, Cable
- 1280 x 960, 228K
Hi Res version, Disk
- 1280 x 960, 264K
Hi Res version, Extra cable
- 1280 x 960, 234K

A kit which allows you to connect other Amigas to the CD32, with the intention of sharing its CDROM, send and receive files to and from the CD32. You could also connect a modem to it.

The kit consists of a black serial cable which connects to the CD32 and a grey one which connects between it and the sending/receiving machine.

The black cable has a male 6-pin connector at the CD32 end and a female 6-pin connector (keyboard passthrough?) connector and 25-pin male connector at the other end.


The kit comes with a floppy containing Terminus and the other software required for it to operate.

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