33Mhz version with 68882 FPU fitted
50Mhz version, no FPU fitted
M1230XA, 40mhz, No FPU
M1230XA, 40mhz, No FPU - back
Hi Res Version, 33Mhz, Front
- 2000 x 1232, 264K
Hi Res Version, 50Mhz, Front
- 1502 x 1079, 289K
Hi Res Version of Back
- 666 x 400, 70K


Processor: 030@25Mhz, 030@33Mhz, EC030@40Mhz or 030@50Mhz
FPU: Optional 68881 or 68882 (PGA) from 20Mhz up to 60Mhz
MMU: None in EC030s, Internal in full 030s.
Max Ram: 128MB
Ram Type: 1 x 72pin SIMM slot

An accelerator which plugs into the trapdoor slot of the A1200. The board allows the configuring of the RAM speed and cycle ranges manually and supports cycle ranges 1-5 and RAM speeds of 50 - 100ns. You may need to configure this with the provided software utilities. Similarly you may not see all the RAM until you use the provided utilities to add it. Includes a battery backed up clock.


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