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Picture of an A1200 showing Workbench 3.0 connected to a Microvitec 1438 monitor
Bottom of A1200, note the trapdoor slot is empty by default
Rear of A1200
Right side of A1200 showing floppy drive
Rev 1D - front - from Dave Haynie
Rev 1D - back - from Dave Haynie
Rev 1A WITH clockport pins
Rev 1A WITHOUT clockport pins
Rev 1D, variant 1. This board came from the factory with a 16v 10uf capacitor at position C460. Board also came from the factory with a huge solder blob on R163 too and it has 470 Ohm resistors at position R321 and R331 (which control the gain on the audi
Rev 1D, variant 1. Solderblob
Rev 1D, variant 1. Extra capacitor
Rev 1D, variant 1. Detail
Hi Res Version, A1200 Top
- 1635 x 771, 130K
Hi Res Version, A1200 Bottom
- 1692 x 759, 111K
Hi Res Version, A1200 Rear
- 1668 x 290, 44K
A1200 Revision 1D1 Motherboard
- 1415 x 2790, 286K
A1200 Revision 1D3 Motherboard
- 2592 x 1311, 881K
A1200 Revision 1D4 Motherboard
- 3199 x 1588, 859K

Standard Specifications

NOTE: These specifications apply to the A1200 made by Commodore and do not necessarily apply to the A1200 made by Amiga Technologies.


Standard Case Type Computer in a keyboard
Processor EC020@14Mhz (on motherboard)
MMU None
FPU None
(Some are rumoured to have been shipped in the US with 68882's but this is unlikely)
Battery Backed-Up Clock No
Chipset AGA
Standard CHIP RAM 2MB
Motherboard RAM Sockets None
Floppy Drive Double Density (880K) Drive
Motherboard Hard Drive Controllers Unbuffered 2.5" IDE Interface (can be converted for use with 3.5" devices)
External Connectors Video (RGB)
Audio Left
Audio Right
RF Connector for TV
External Floppy
Expansion Slots 1 x PCMCIA Type-II Card Slot
1 x Trapdoor expansion slot
Drivebays 1 x A1200 Floppy Drive Bay
1 x 2.5" Hard Drive Cradle
Kickstarts KS 3.0 (two 40pin chips)
Bus Controller Budgie Rev 01
Budgie Rev 02
Motherboard Revisions Rev 0 (Engineering Prototype)
Rev 1 (Advanced engineering prototype)
Rev 1A (Initial Release)
Rev 1B
Rev 1D.1
Rev 1D.3 (Budgie Rev -01 Release, E123C and E125C have been removed from motherboard)
Rev 1D.4 (Budgie Rev -02 Release, additionally XR358 470Ohm resistor removed, 470Ohm resistor added to pin 43 of Alice)
Rev 2B (Both budgie Rev -01 and Rev-02 were used. Resistor 118 was changed from 470Ohm to 220Ohm)

The A1200 was considered the baby brother of the A4000 and was a very popular low-end machine of the early 1990's and is still popular among Amiga users today. It's probably the most common Amiga model still in regular use in vastly expanded forms. The A1200 came with a very poorly rated power supply (only 23w) so it was common practice to purchase third party power supplies or even use A500 power supplies (they are compatible) which have a higher wattage (65w?). Even a slightly expanded A1200 would often suffer from power problems.