CyberSCSI MK-II Modul
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CyberSCSI MK-II Modul
CyberSCSI MK-II Modul with items
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The CyberSCSI Mk-II is a Fast SCSI-II controller which is attached to the Cyberstorm Mk-II accelerator. The unit comes in two sections. The first section attaches directly to the accelerator and provides 2 x 50pin headers. The second section provides an external 50pin SCSI connector and this is attached to the first section via a 50pin ribbon cable. The module supports 32bit DMA transfers at up to 10MB/sec.


On the external board, there is only one jumper:

  • Pins 1-2: Auto Termination
  • Pins 2-3: Termination Off
  • No Pins: Termination On

On the main SCSI-board there is SCSI-config jumper block in the centre of this board.


Jumper Function Default
0 Debug Mode Open
1 Reserved Open
2 Slow Inquiry Mode Open
3 Slow Cable Mode Open
4 Synchronous Transfers Open
0 Reserved Open
Under / Left Hard disk LED connector  
Upper / Right Termination Power Close = Enabled
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