Technosound Turbo
 connects to: Parallel Port
Manual and disk
Box front
Box back
Hi Res version, Sampler
- 898 x 1470, 251K
Hi Res version, Box front
- 1318 x 1651, 418K
Hi Res version, Box back
- 1320 x 1634, 559K
Hi Res Version of Image 2
- 764 x 1284, 101K

The only difference between the Technosound Turbo and the Technosound Turbo II is that they were supplied with different versions of the software. The sampler plugs into the Amiga's parallel port and provides both 8bit mono and stereo sampling. The software allows use of Fast RAM and is not limited to chip RAM and has basic support for MIDI interfaces. It also has many built in sound effects.

8bit Stereo or Mono sampling from ~3.5Khz to ~50.5Khz
Also has a special mode that samples at 85Khz.

It is not certain what the differences are between the "Turbo" versions and the non-turbo version.

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