DataFlyer RAM Expansion
 connects to: Zorro II, Other
Hi Res Version of Front
- 1053 x 724, 161K
Hi Res Version of Back
- 1047 x 747, 173K

Max Ram: 8MB
Ram Type:8 x 30pin SIMM Slots
Connection: Zorro II or piggy-backed onto Dataflyer

This RAM expansion is designed for use as a stand-alone Zorro II card, or it can be piggybacked to the Dataflyer 500 or Dataflyer (PLUS). Please note that the Dataflyer 500 and the Dataflyer (PLUS) are exactly the same product, the Dataflyer 500 is actually the Dataflyer (PLUS) mounted in a case suitable for connection to the side expansion slot of the A500 (or A1000).

512k1 Meg2 Meg2 meg4 meg8 Meg
Jumpers On31,3,72,3,6,72,31,2,3,54,5

Notes about piggybacking

For Dataflyer (PLUS):
The version of the Dataflyer must be at least "Dataflyer PLUS V1.0" to support piggybacking. Earlier versions such as "Dataflyer V1.2" (Note the missing PLUS designation) cannot be used in this way. The advantage of piggybacking the RAM card to the Dataflyer instead of using it as as a Zorro II card is that you will save a Zorro II slot, however you may have to use a Zorro slot at the end, for clearance reasons.

For Dataflyer 500:
The only way to attach this RAM card to the Dataflyer when used with an A500 is by piggybacking. All versions of the dataflyer support piggybacking when used with the A500.

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