connects to: CPU Socket
Hi Res Version, Insider
- 2475 x 1547, 591K
Max Ram: 1MB
Ram Type: Soldered DRAM Chips
FPU: None
RTC: None
Connection: A1000 CPU Socket

The expansion has three jumper leads, a black, a red and a third of unknown colour, which should be connected as follows:

  1. The Red lead should be clipped or soldered to Pin 14 (4th ping down, counting from the right, on the rear side) of the WCS daughterboard at location P6
  2. The Black lead should be clipped or soldered to the ferrite bead at FB43 at location E9 on the motherboard
  3. The third lead should connects the ground of the motherboard to the card. Mount the round lug-end of the lead to the screw located at A1 (left of C141) on the motherboard. Connect the other end of the clip to A2 which is located underneath the WCS daughterboard.
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