RamWorks 2000
 connects to: Zorro II

Max Ram: 8MB
Ram Type:DRAM Chips
Connection: Zorro II

RAM is added in the form of DRAM chips. The board contains 16 columns of DRAM chips. By default the RamWorks 2000 adds memory in one or more blocks depending on your memory (see below) configuration. Multiple blocks of memory are not desirable because when memory is allocated, it cannot be allocated across block boundaries. A utility called MergeMem was supplied with the card to force all the memory on the card to appear as one block.

Memory Configuration
Columns FilledTotal RAMAppears as
# blocks
Block Sizes
31.5MB21MB, 0.5MB
52.5MB22MB 0.5MB
63MB22MB, 1MB
73.5MB32MB, 1MB, 0.5MB
94.5MB24MB, 0.5MB
105MB24MB, 1MB
115.5MB34MB, 1MB, 0.5MB
126MB24MB, 2MB
136.5MB34MB, 2MB, 0.5MB
147MB34MB, 2MB, 1MB
157.5MB44MB, 2MB, 1MB, 0.5MB
168MB24MB, 4MB