Unity Net 100
 connects to: Zorro II
Unity Net
Hi Res Version, Unity Net
- 1293 x 386, 79K

10Base2 (BNC & Coax, ThinNet): No
10Base5 (AUI & Coax, ThickNet): No
10BaseT (RJ45 & UTP): Yes
100BaseTX (RJ45 & UTP): Yes
SANA-II Driver: Probably, if the card had been released.
MNI Driver: No
Other Driver: No

The Unity is a full length Zorro II card, which uses a PCMCIA card to provide network functionality. It is media auto-sensing and includes a 16K buffer. Unfortunately, this product was never released to the public but had it been, it would have been the first 100Mbit network card for the Amiga, and the only Zorro II 100Mbit card in existence.