Type Ethernet
10Base2 (BNC & Coax, ThinNet): Yes
10Base5 (AUI & Coax, ThickNet): No
10BaseT (RJ45 & UTP): Yes
100BaseTX (RJ45 & UTP): No
SANA-II Driver: Yes
MNI Driver: Yes (z2-dp8390.mni)
Other Driver: No

Full Length Zorro II ethernet card which is also compatible with all the major Zorro busboards. The X-Surf card itself acts as a Bridgeboard between the RealTek ISA card which is soldered to the board and the Zorro bus. The card is media autosensing, and includes a 16Kb buffer. The card includes 2 x "Clock Port" connectors for expansions such as the Hypercomm, a 26pin expansion module, 1 x 2.5" IDE Connector and 1 x 3.5" IDE connector for up to four IDE drives. The IDE connectors on this card, should be considered as a freebie because they do have certain limitations. They do not support autobooting, so you cannot boot from any devices connected to the controller and they can issue only one IORequest at a time and are therefore not suitable for certain applications such as CDWriters. Hard Drives, CD-ROMs, ZIP Drives etc, should work without problems. It is extremely important that do you DO NOT use 2.5" drives which exceed 300mA power consumption. The traces on the card are rated at a maximum of 300mA. If you use a device on the 2.5" connector which exceeds this, then you risk burning the traces. This limitation does not apply to 3.5" devices because they do not draw their power from the IDE cable, but use a separate power connector instead.

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