Hi Res Version, Front
- 982 x 675, 160K
Processor: 020@20Mhz, 020@25Mhz
FPU: 68882@20Mhz, 68882@25Mhz (PLCC)
MMU: None
Max Ram: 8MB
Ram Type: 1x72pin SIMM Slot (EDO RAM works but is not taken advantage of)

The Apollo 620 clips onto the 68000 chip in the A600. This card is not PCMCIA friendly which means you must jumper it to 4MB if you have more than 4MB installed, if you wish to use PCMCIA cards. It is also notoriously prone to overheating so if your A600 frequently crashes with this card installed, you when need to fit a fan onto the CPU.


Main Jumpers
Jumper Open Closed
020 68000 mode 68020 mode
RAM off on

Memory Jumpers
J1 J0 Size
0 0 1MB
0 1 2MB
1 0 4MB
1 1 8MB
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