Hi Res Version, Monitor
- 1277 x 1016, 115K
Hi Res Version, Connectors
- 2885 x 722, 264K

A clone of this monitor was also manufactured by Vorbis called the Highscreen KP548. An Amiga monitor with 2 modes: full color and green/black andbuilt-in speaker, which supports PAL and NTSC modes and connects to the Amiga's 23pin video port. Most of the controls are located behind the flap on the front of the monitor. A standard failure is for the monitor to "pop," then go dark. Hitting it may bring back the picture. This is often caused by cold or cracked solder joints on the flyback transformer, which resoldering should cure.

Screen size: 14" black matrix
Dot Pitch: 0.39mm or 0.42 mm
Sync Frequency: 15.6 kHz Horizontal
Raster frequency: 50/60 Hz
Deflection: 90 degrees
Resolution: 600 lines in centre, RGB position
Characters: >2000 characters (80 x 25) in RGB position
Power consumption: 75 W typ.
Dimensions (h x w x d): 320 x 350 x 387 mm
Weight: 11kg
Sound Output: 1.0 W RMS/Channel at 5% maximum THD
Input Connectors: One permanently attached HDD15 and Audio R/L Composite video signal with negative synchronisation: (1V 0.5Vpp) impedance: 75 Ohm
Audio signal: (150mV - 2 Veff) impedance : 10 kOhm
Euroconnector: RGB linear
DIN connector: RGB TTL

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