Avalon Modular
 connects to: Zorro Auto Sensing
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- 2550 x 1755, 930K

The Avalon Modular is a transputer which plugs into a Zorro II or Zorro III slot. Because of its modular design a variety of transputer modules can be used with the unit, for example:
T800 with 1MB , 4MB or 8MB DRAM
T800 with 128K, 1MB or 2MB of 0 wait-state SRAM
T800 with 2MB DRAM and 32K of 0 wait-state SRAM (double width module)
T800 with 4MB DRAM and 128K of 0 wait-state SRAM (double width module)
T801 with 160K of 0 wait-state SRAM (double width module)

The Avalon Modular is compatible with INMOS B008. This allows a maximum of 10 T800's to be mounted onto a single card and is recommended for use with the Visiona graphics card. The following software was available for the Avalon Modular:

- Transputer-Assembler with an Amiga specific set of commands and libraries
- Parallel-C Compiler
- HELIOS (Operating System for Transputers)
- The INMOS development system
- Raytracing Application
- Miranim, a script oriented animation system using the Cinemira 2 language.
- Marashading
- Sabrina, a 24bit 3D modelling package.

It is unknown if this item was ever released to the public.

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