Hi Res Version
- 761 x 284, 56K
Hi Res Version, Jumper
- 714 x 364, 63K

AD0200 stands for Analogue/Digital and is a full length Zorro II card for the Amiga designed to be used with Ocean Radar. The card was developed in-house by the James Cook University and unfortunately was never sold to the public although it is still in use. The card contains a Motorola MC68340 embedded microprocessor, 512K SRAM (25ns), a 12bit A/D + FIFO, Multiplexer, serial port, parallel port and an expansion bus for extending the cards capabilities. It was used with an A2000 to control radar and read sample raw data back. The card actually has a jumper labelled "sex and free beer" which is a bit of a joke by the designer of the card. It was added because Dave Haynie a famous Commodore engineer once said "Never ever mess with a PCB jumper you don't understand, even if it's labelled sex and free beer" . A Zorro III version of this card was also made called the AD0201.

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