Gamma Camera
 connects to: Zorro II

This is quite an unusual device for the Amiga, and comes in the form of two Zorro II cards. It's designed to be used with a machine known as "Einkopf - Spec - Kamera" and was manufactured by a hungarian company. One card is the adaptor for connecting to the camera, and the other is a memory card, presumably acting as some sort of framebuffer for holding images. The camera card is labelled as "dig.kam int 071 59101 A13" and the memory card is labelled as "mem 06843101 A13". The device is used to take scintigrams of human organs, in particular the thyroid gland using some software called MircoSegams. Although the company who manufactured this device, no longer make the Amiga version, several Amiga based versions are still in use, for example at the University of Leipzig.

Page contributors: Dr Folkert Schroder, Mario Misic
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