M-Tec 68030
 connects to: CPU Socket
Rev 1, M-Tec 68030
Processor: 030@14Mhz
FPU: 68882@ up to 40Mhz (PLCC)
MMU: Internal
Max Ram: 1MB or 4MB
Ram Type: Surface Mounted RAM Chips (not upgradable)

An accelerator which sits in the CPU socket of an A500 or A2000. The 68000 can also be installed on the card as a fallback for incompatible old software. It may not be possible to fit a 68000 onto the board in some A500s unless a cut in the shielding is made to fit it. The memory on the card is non-AutoConfig therefore a utility called AddMem must be used to make the system aware of it. This card is probably the slowest 030 accelerator made for the Amiga.


Jumper Open Closed
JP I 68000 mode 68030 mode
JP K Instruction cache enabled Instruction cache disabled
JP M MMU Enabled MMU Disabled
JP H Reserved Reserved
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