X Specs 3D Stereoscopic Glasses
 connects to: Mouse/Joystick Port
Man wearing X Specs
X Specs Unit
Hi Res Version, X Specs Unit
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The XSpecs 3D are virtual reality glasses for the Amiga which consists of a small black box which plugged into the second mouse port which allowed two sets of VR glasses to be plugged into the Amiga. One set of glasses was included with the unit and a second set of glasses could be purchased separately. The glasses were worn by using a special headband and could even be worn over the top of spectacles. The VR glasses themselves consisted of small LCD "lenses" which could be darkened and lightened very quickly using software. By allowing the left eye to only see the left perspective and the right eye to only see the right perspective via fast image switching, a 3D illusion could be created of the Amiga's display. A game called Space Spuds and a molecule viewing program as well as various other utilities were included with the glasses. Unfortunately very little software ever got produced for the X-Specs but some of the third party software which did get made was LanderGame and RaiderGame.

A shared library was released for the unit which let programmers access the X Specs through a standard API and was called xspecs.library. For additional information including how to program for the X-Specs then please follow this link.

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