AutoMon CV64/3D
 connects to: Other, Video Slot

The AutoMon CV64/3D is a small card which connects to the Cybervision 64/3D graphics card. It physically attaches to the backplate in the same way the Cybervision scandoubler does, but does not use a video slot. It receives the Amiga's native graphics signal by a small adaptor plugged into the video slot and the CV3D's signal by a small ribbon cable attached to it. The AutoMon then automatically switches to the appropriate signal depending on whether your front most screen is a native screen or a graphics card screen. Please note that the AutoMon does NOT scandouble any signals so a monitor supporting 15Khz is still required. The AutoMon can however be used with the EZ-VGA. A version of this unit also exists for the BVision called the AutoMon BVision PPC.

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Updated: 12/22/2004 . Added: 12/22/2004