Air link
 connects to: Mouse/Joystick Port
CU Amiga Air Link PCB
The Air Link was originally a project devised by the British Amiga magazine called CU Amiga in which the user built the device themselves. A PCB was provided on the front-cover with software on the cover CD. It was also supplied pre-built by Eyetech. This project allows you to control the Amiga with any domestic InfraRed remote control. It also allows your Amiga to control any appliance which has a remote control. It accomplishes this by acting as a full InfraRed receiver and transmitter with an appropriate software suite capable of learning and transmitting InfraRed codes. The completed AIR Link measures a tiny 60 x 40 x 15 mm. The Air Link connects to your Amiga via a metre long cable to the joystick port. The software for the Air Link makes heavy use of AREXX which means you can control almost any Amiga application from a remote control. There is a similar but different product called the Geodesic AirLink II.
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