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The Timesaver is a real-time battery backed up clock designed for use with the A1000. Unusually the clock is connected between the keyboard and the A1000. Note, the picture shows the insides of the unit, however it was supplied in a closed plastic case. Apparently two versions exist, one for US-type keyboards and the other for German-type keyboards because they used different clock rates.

Hardware features

  • 8-bit microprocessor
  • 8 KB EPROM
  • 8 KB RAM
  • Real time clock
  • battery
  • switches automatically between battery and keyboard power supply when the A1000 is turned off and on

Software features

  • Password option
  • Command line history for the cli with editor to correct or modify older commands
  • Recording, saving and playback of macros
  • "Auto macro" option for a macro that will be automatically executed on every bootup
  • Functions can be called with HELP+FUNCTION KEY, e.g. HELP+F4 to set the rtc or HELP+F5 to read the rtc.
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