Diagnostic Box
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Diagnostic Box and Module
Box and module connected to motherboard
Diagnostic Module
Diagnostic Box
Box and ROM cartridge
Box with cables
Display shows error code
Dislaying error code for A500
Disk and manual
Box open
ROM cartridge
ROM cartridge open
Product box
Product box and content
Diagnostics on A500
Hi Res Version, Diagnostic Box
- 1803 x 1104, 179K
Hi Res version, Box open
- 1024 x 428, 200K
Hi Res version, Product box
- 1024 x 768, 182K

This unit made by commodore tests all the functions of the A500/A1000/A2000 even if the Amiga itself is dead. It displays error codes in binary. A second Amiga can be used to receive information via the serial port by using a terminal program. This unit was only ever sold to Amiga Service companies by Commodore. The unit is capable of checking almost every expansion port of the Amigas including the sound and video, it doesn't however check for problems with the A2000 Zorro II slots.

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