Picture showing the top of the device
Picture showing the bottom of the device
Picture showing the back of the device
Picture showing the side of the device
PCB zoom
PCB top
PCB bottom
Hi Res Version, Image 1
- 2181 x 1884, 372K
Hi Res Version, Image 2
- 2259 x 1890, 360K
Hi Res Version of Top
- 1776 x 732, 61K
Hi Res Version of Bottom
- 1752 x 746, 73K
Hi Res Version of Side
- 1900 x 480, 40K
Hi Res Version of Back
- 768 x 493, 28K
Hi Res version, PCB
- 1486 x 538, 79K
Hi Res version, PCB zoom
- 955 x 903, 88K
Hi Res version, PCB top
- 1568 x 561, 144K
Image of Manual
- 350 x 483, 16K
Hi Res version, PCB bottom
- 1469 x 540, 138K
Image of Box
- 500 x 407, 27K

The A520 was a TV modulator that was generally supplied with the A500 series of machines but can be used with almost any Amiga. It converts the RGB port for use with a TV by supplying an RF (aerial lead) connector. The two audio outputs were also attached the modulator for sending the audio signals down the RF lead. Note that one of the phono connectors is video/ composit out. The L H switch is for switching between two slightly different frequencies in case it was causing or receiving interference from another device such as a VCR.

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