ISDN Master II
 connects to: Zorro II
Card with analogue module attached
Rev 8 card without analogue module.
Hi Res Version, Image 1
- 1174 x 424, 145K
Hi Res Version, Image 2
- 2824 x 1152, 467K

ISDN-MASTER II is an Autoconfig Zorro-II card for all Amigas powered by at least a 68020 processor. It has two western sockets for ISDN line in/out, one socket for combined headsets (micro/earphone), and one separate microphone and aux input. Enhanced version is shipped together with a small add-on card that allows full telephone features. It should also work with NI-1 in the US.


* Autoconfig
* Transfer up to 7500 cps
* parallel telephone and data calls
* Hayes-AT set
* fossil.device is compatible with serial.device
* 64 byte FIFo ram buffer
* 2 * B-channel and 1 * D-Channel (S0-connection)
* S0 considerable
* ISDN and Euro-ISDN support
* D port monitor
* passiv card
* Audio-Inline with digitize audio


* kickstart 2.x or higher
* 1 Mb Ram minimum, prefer 2 Mb
* 68020 or higher

Software (standard version):

The software splits up in three major parts all of which support both the German and English language:

1) The device (called bscisdn.device)
* it supports up to 10 units compatible with standard serial.device
* works with E-DSS1, 1TR-6, Numeris, and NI-1.
* it should work with any existing communications-software

2) The telephone-program
* supports many standard phone features such as redial, rejecting certain numbers, different ring signals per number
* phonebooks with freely definable groups and unlimited size
* answering machine with configurable messages per number
* log file of incoming and outgoing calls with numbers, date, and time
* parallel telephone and data calls
* three user conference

3) The add-on programs
* prefs program for configuring the device.
* monitor program for monitoring ISDN activity (debugging tool).
* Status monitor with connection info similar to a modem panel.

Software (enhanced version):

A complete rewrite of all above software with the basic concept of bringing a software-interface called CAPI 2.0 to the Amiga. The features of the software are basically the same as the standard version, but with the CAPI 2.0 interface developers are now able to communicate directly to the device using CAPI instead of serial.device. CAPI allows applications to manage more than one transmission channel even from several boards inside one Amiga. The new software also supports up to eight boards per computer. This has enabled ISDN Master II to be used to manage large voice-mail systems via Amiga. One of the largest uses 70 (!) boards in an Amiga network environment.

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