Hypercom 3+
 connects to: Clock Port
Hypercom 3+
Hypercom 3+ with additional serial cables
Hi Res Version, Hypercom 3+
- 1824 x 1743, 574K
The Hypercom 3+ connects to the clock port of the A1200, or the expansion port found on the Buddha and Catweasel. It provides two high speed serial ports (460,000bps) and a high speed bi-directional parallel port (560,000bps). The card contains two 9pin serial ports built directly onto it, however if you wish to use 25pin serial ports or you need to extend them to position them easily inside your case then you can attach two serial connectors directly to the 10pin headers on the card. Once you have attached serial connectors to the headers you should NOT continue to use the 9pin built-in serial ports.
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