connects to: Clock Port

The Silver-Surfer provides an additional high-speed serial port at up to 460,000bps. By default it was supplied with a 25pin serial port, but a 9pin serial port can also be used. This device also works with the A600 as an optional adaptor is available to give the A600 and A1200 compatible "clock-port". Cut into a special L shape to fit around other expansions you may have such as the Blizz-Vision. The drivers for this card were written by Harald Frank (VMC)

For A1200 and Buddha Flash (Silversurfer Limited Edition can also be used with the A604 card or similar cards with clockports that require a module with cable connection)


  •     Compatible with the four clock-ports on the Z4 A1200 Zorro board
  •     Optional adapter for A600 and old Buddha/Catweasel models
  •     Up to 460800 bps rate, MIDI compatible
  •     Supports low bps rates and long cables
  •     Low CPU-Load because of large Fifo's
  •     Serial port 25-pin (IBM standard, 9-pin Sub-D possible as well)
  •     Superflat design, fits with all known A1200 expansions (even with BVision!)
  •     Easy installation of the hardware: colour photo print included!
  •     Easy installation of the Software: just boot from the disk!
  •     Compatible with digital cameras, Miami, terminal programs, fax programs, and all programs using the serial.device
  •     Compatible with Melody 1200 Sound expansion on the same clock-port
  •     Up to ten Silversurfer boards in one computer (given you have that many clock ports :-))

Due to space problems, the Silversurfer cannot be used together with every expansion. There's a mechanical conflict with Mikronik and RBM Zorro-expansions that cannot be resolved, but this is totally compensated by the Silversurfer supporting the four clock-ports of the new Z4-board for the Amiga 1200. In fact, the Silversurfer is the first card on the market to support these ports!

If you don't want to change your Zorro-board, you can operate the Silversurfer on the clock-port of the Buddha Flash controller which fits into any Amiga with Zorro-Slots.

Another advantage over competing products is the excellent drivers: Low CPU load for uninterrupted multitasking and compatibility with all the software we know, together with an unparalleled ease of installation make the Silversurfer first-choice for anyone. No matter if you're using an A600 without accelerator or a fully equipped A4000 - Silversurfer will transfer your data safely.