Amiga X-Press
 connects to: PCMCIA
Image (c) Harv Laser/Ryan E. A. mCzerwinski
Front Rev. 2
Back Rev. 2
Layout, front Rev. 2
Layout, back Rev. 2
Hi Res version, Front Rev. 2
- 3264 x 2448, 3,568K
Hi Res version, Back Rev. 2
- 3264 x 2448, 3,597K

Amiga X-Press PCMCIA card which was probably some form of high speed serial card designed for use in the A600 and A1200. The above picture is of a prototype and it is believed that the final card was never released.

The rev 2 card shown, is missing a component in the PLCC28 socket which is most likely a W65C51S.

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