System 2000 Personality Module
 connects to: Side Expansion Slot
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This personally module was actually a unit designed to accept other expansions. There were three versions of the personality module built, one for the Amiga, for for the Atari ST and one for the PC. The theory being that the same expansions could be used on any machine which was fitted with a personality module, regardless of whether it was an Amiga, ST or PC. It is unknown exactly what devices were actually built for this, however there certainly was a hard drive unit built (see above). The HD unit is an old XT 8bit IDE interface. The personality module has a thru-port for plugging in other devices and also a 25pin port for connecting the expansions such as the HD unit. A SCSI Controller was also made which supported DMA, autobooting (including KS 1.2) and contained four 30 pin SIMM sockets for adding RAM. The SCSI controller contained an internal 50pin header and possibly an external SCSI connector as well as a memory disable switch.

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