Riverboat Queen
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Daughter card
Video Slot Machine ROM hidden under daugther card
Inside of Top Cabinet

The Riverboat Queen was an arcade machine, with a coin-slot, based around an A500. The A500 was coupled with a Sebastian board made by VGT Inc which appears to be some sort of expansion bus and was able to play over five games.

Riverboat Queen was created by VGT, Inc. and it was their first video gaming machine. The unit utilized a touch screen interface, metal casino cabinet and 10 interactive games including Draw Poker. VGT received a Gaming license and regulatory approval to sell the Riverboat Queen in the State of Louisiana. The product was sold in 1993 to Si Redd (founder and former chairman of International Game Technology which is based in Las Vegas, Nevada, and is the world's largest supplier of video and mechanical gaming machines).

This specific machine was manufactured in 1994 and as the ROM indicates it was updated as recently as 1996. One of the better known programmers in the Amiga and Video Toaster/Flyer field, Bill Evans, actually worked on the software for this machine.

Naturally these machines are fairly scarce now. They were based off of Amiga 500s which Commodore discontinued long before their bankruptcy. Some og the information is based on info found on 2002 copy of Kermit Woodall website.

For additional information and pictures then visit this site (dead link now)

Please see the A500.


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