Scala card
Hi Res version, Scala card
- 2963 x 1255, 1,254K

I have virtually no information on this card, other than it appears to be a custom card built by SCALA. The card itself is a Zorro II card and appears to be used in some sort of VCR controller system.

01/17/2016 :A picture of a Scala card, which probably is the same as the Scala VCR, was submitted to BBoAH. BBoAH got in touch with the original designer; Dana Williams / Design Computer Systems (

The card is a Zorro II card and has 4 Dil Relays (Right side of pic) and it has 2 DB15 at the end.

The Scala VCR is a four output RS-422 card. It was made to do video editing back it the days when we were still using VCRs. I don't remember what Scala was going to call the RS-422 card. We made it on the heels of the Scala Echo Video Editor.

The card could control (4) commercial VCRs.  It originally came with two DB15 to (2) DB9 adapter cables. Each cable had two GPI trigger connections as well. That is what the 4 relays were for. 

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