connects to: Zorro II
Hi Res Version of Front 1
- 2000 x 992, 184K
Hi Res Version of Front 2
- 2000 x 862, 183K
Hi Res Version of Back 1
- 2000 x 1022, 199K
Hi Res Version of Back 2
- 2000 x 881, 195K

Chipset(s)Tseng Labs ET4000
Graphics Memory1MB
8bit Support: Yes
16bit Support: Yes
24bit Support: Yes (You may need the "upgraded" version)
Display Drivers
CyberGraphX V2: Yes
CyberGraphX V3: No
CyberGraphX V4: No
Picasso 96: Yes
EGS: Yes
Other: Yes

The Domino is an unusual graphics card in that it plugs into a Zorro II slot, but actually acts as an interface between the Zorro II bus and an ISA graphics card attached to the Domino. Although the Domino was supplied with an appropriate graphics card, you're probably limited on what you can actually use with it. The Domino contains two SVGA connectors, one is the normal SVGA output whilst the other is designed to take the Amiga's native RGB output and pass it through to the monitor. This required the optional switcher-chip to allow you to switch between RTG mode and native mode.

Example Display Modes
1280 x 1024487Hz
1152 x 900860Hz
1120 x 832865Hz
1024 x 768870Hz
800 x 600881Hz
800 x 6001560Hz
640 x 4801567Hz

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