Piccolo with connectors, manuals and disks
Rev 2.1 Piccolo
Chipset(s) Cirrus Logic GD5426
Graphics Memory 1MB or
8bit Support: Yes
16bit Support: Yes
24bit Support: Yes
Display Drivers
CyberGraphX V2: Yes
CyberGraphX V3: Yes
CyberGraphX V4: Yes
Picasso 96: Yes
EGS: Yes
Other: No

A full length Zorro graphics card which is Zorro II and III auto-sensing. It has a pixel clock of 85Mhz (8bit), 45Mhz (16bit) and 28Mhz (24bit). In addition to the standard SVGA type connector it has an FBAS and Y/C output. An expansion module called the VideoCruncher was also available for this card.

Example Display Modes
Resolution Depth Frequency
1600 x 1280 8 64Hz
1280 x 1024 8 72Hz
1152 x 900 8 65Hz
1024 x 768 8 79Hz
1152 x 900 16 72Hz
1024 x 768 16 86Hz
800 x 600 16 81Hz
800 x 600 24 49Hz
640 x 480 24 59Hz

Jumper Pin 1-2 Pin 2-3
JP1 Zorro Auto-Sensing Force Zorro II
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