This card should not be confused with the Graffiti, a chunky to planar card.

Chipset(s)Cirrus Logic GD5428
Graphics Memory1MB or
8bit Support: Yes
16bit Support: Yes
24bit Support: Yes
Display Drivers
CyberGraphX V2: No
CyberGraphX V3: No
CyberGraphX V4: No
Picasso 96: Yes
EGS: Unknown
Other: Yes (Graffity RTG, the pre-cursor to Picasso 96)

A full length Zorro graphics card which is Zorro II and III auto-sensing. This card actually contains a socket for an RTG ROM, however I don't know if the ROM was ever produced or released. The card itself does not support draggable screens. There were many production runs of this card, however I don't know for sure if it ever was officially released, but the fact that there is a Picasso 96 driver suggests it was, or that at least enough prototypes escaped. The card also contains an integrated monitor switcher. It has a pixel clock of 85Mhz (8bit), 45Mhz (16bit) and 28Mhz (24bit). The graphics memory was in the form of DILs, ZIPs or PS/2 chips.

Example Display Modes
1280 x 9688?
1152 x 900865Hz
1024 x 768879Hz
1152 x 9001672Hz
1024 x 7681686Hz
800 x 6001681Hz
800 x 6002449Hz
800 x 6002459Hz