Neriki Image Master

The Neriki Image Master is an external genlock for the Amiga, capable of producing broadcast quality video which is rack-mountable. Encoding at 5.5Mhz the genlock produces full 500 line resolution under NTSC standards with the result that even third generation tapes meet broadcast quality. The unit is capable of genlocking to just about any video source and produces composite or RGB baseband video. It supports a fully controllable luminance keyer, a key to background colour and auto key cuts into the background. The genlock can be used up or down stream. The front panel controls consist of a power switch, chroma phase (coarse and fine), effect key, enable, key invert, dissolve and fader switch. This genlock meets RS-170A standards.

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Updated: 12/22/2004 . Added: 12/22/2004