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The Arizona+ is an external genlock for the Amiga, designed to sync two video signals without quality loss. It is a newer version of the original Arizona. This devce performs the functions of a two channel video mixer, Time Base Corrector and Genlock in one box. Digital signal processing helps maintain picture quality. It Includes many built-in digital effects including wipes. This device has a large number of inputs and supports both VHS and SVHS. The device also has on screen displays and can be controlled via the serial port if necessary. RGB input is specifically designed for use with the Amga. The device supports YUV 4:2:2 format compativle with CCIR 656 with SVHS inputs and outputs with support for mixing video signals from two channels. Some of the effects include Chroma-Keying (aka Blue Screening) which enables to user to put the picture from one channel into the area of a defined colour in the other video channel. The colour can be selected directly from the displayed picture. Luma-Keying, an effect which allows the user to put the picture from one channel into an area of defined brightness in the other channel. Brightness levels can also be selected directly from the picture. Four different sizes of PiP (picture in picture) are supported including 1/2, 1/3, 1/4 and 1/9 of the screen area and the PiP window can be moved by using the cursor keys. Video Mute, an effect which causes an immediate fade out of the picture from one channel. Invert Chrom is the negation of the chrominance singal, whilst Invert Num is the negation of the luminance signal. Other effects support include:

- Freeze Frame
- Strobe
- Sepia, user-definable coloured picture effect
- Background - the background colour can be switched to white, yellow, red, blue, black, cya magenta and green.
- Wipe Effects (Circular, Diagonal, Diamond, Shutter, Corner Shapes, all configurable)
- Cutting between video channels
- ZD AMIGA - Adding titling affects from the Amiga's RGB signal.

The unit contains 6 x VHS (Video 8, oe 3 x SVHS (Hi8) inputs, and 1 x RGB Input and 1 x VHS, 1 x SVHS outputs. The unit contains an RS-232C serial port for controlling the unit via software and is compatible with PAL B/G 4.43Mhz, 50Hz and NTSC-M at 60Hz,