Hi Res Version, Unit
- 2129 x 1973, 469K
Hi Res Version, Connectors
- 3011 x 583, 300K
Connection Diagram
- 1105 x 1233, 225K

This was the last genlock produced by Electronic Design for the Amiga and is similar to the original Sirius.

- Independent fading of the computer and video image.
- Complete fading out by "fade to black"
- Automatic independent fading from video and computer in 0.2-20 sec
- Manual and automatic mixing of two audio sources + microphone
- Combination video and audio faders, one hand operation
- Enhancer functions: colour, brightness and contrast all of which can be adjusted separately
- Manual white adjustment: Red, Green and Blue can also be adjusted seperately
- Automatic input recognition with priority for SVHS (Hi8) signal
- Integrated BlueBox using professional YUV technology
- Built-in test image generator for optimised adjustment of all image parameters
- RGB monitor selection switch for mixed or pure computer images
- Bypass function for best copying
- Simple microprocessor controlled operation
- Save settings in permanent memory
- Alpha channel for semi-transparent colours or anti-alias functions
- All functions can be controlled completely by the serial RS232 interface
- Standby switch: It is also possible to keep the genlock connected when using the graphics mides (DplPal, DplNtsc, Multiscan, Super 72 etc) so therefore it is not necessary to keep switching back and forth
- Fully compatible to VITC timecode, still image reproduction, while using Pegasus PC-Video board with an MS DOS-PC
- Software implemented as a commodity
- Hotkey functions for the most common fading and key functions
- Integrated AREXX port for optimal compatibility with other software

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