Supergen 2000 with manual and disk
Supergen 2000
BNC Connectors, Front View
Controller Unit
BNC Connectors, Side View
Supergen 2000 with components
The Supergen 2000 is an internal genlock which plugs into the video slot (OCS/ECS style). It is capable of encoding RGB to Y/C and RGB to NTSC as well as on-board support for a Proc Amp, sync generator, H-Cs phase adjustment, AGC and Y/C keying.

  • Supports genlocking using an external Y/C or NTSC video source
  • Encodes Amiga RGB into Y/C and NTSD Video
  • Transcodes between NTSC to Y/C video and vice versa in real time
  • Internal keyer for overlaying Amiga graphics onto Y/C and NTSC video
  • Completely software configurable
  • Selectable notch (Rainbowing) filter
  • 64 levels of dissolve
  • Dual fade/dissolver controls via an external controller unit
  • Selectable blanking source, internal or external
  • Switchable automatic gain control with saturation control
  • Legal NTSC RS-170A output whether synced to the video source or not
  • Dual Y/C and NTSC Output connectors
  • Loop-through input video connector with selectable termination, Y/C or NTSC
  • Expansion port for framebuffer/digitizer
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